USA Operations


A-3i is a Spanish company with an international vocation that has conducted international activities since its inception at 2010, based on a 25+ years of professional background of its founder and owner.

A relevant fact from taxes and accounting standpoint, A-3i have no  permanent establishment  at the United States.

Services conducted for companies located at the US (and other markets out of Spain) are executed at and invoiced to the customer from Spain.

Proven technologies (Cloud services, private tools for file transfers and information exchange, secure communications) and great flexibility regarding time zones and local calendars make transparent for the US customer the physical location of A-3i involved resources.

Since there is a Tax Treaty between the US and Spain there are no withholdings* to apply and the taxes are fully payed at Spain, under the Spanish law and according to the EU regulatory framework. **

A-3i provides to its customers with a fulfilled W-8BEN-E form (from IRS) in order to ease the regulatory tax compliance.

Exporting services to the USA and other non-EU countries have a VAT exemption, keeping the procedure quite simple for an USA customer, who can focus in business needs and digital media service instead of accounting complexities.

No additional taxes, no withholdings: just an invoice from a company located at the European Union and a bank wire transfer from the customer paying the services.

In some cases where some local services are needed, A-3i has a good established network of independent professionals that can assume (as subcontractors) such tasks on behalf of A-3i under the company responsibility and direction, being in these cases the single point of contact for coordination, invoicing and payments.



Instructions for the Requester ofForms W–8BEN,W–8BEN–E, W–8ECI,W–8EXP, and W–8IMY

**USA-Spain Tax Treaty