A Barcelona based private held company offering Digital Strategy and Digital Media services internationally.


Digital Strategy

  • International Business Development
  • Business Digital Strategy
  • Big Data
  • Smart Cities & IOT
  • Facility Management Consultancy

Digital Media

  • Conceptualization / Creative Direction
  • Creative development.  Pitches, Decks, Visual Research & Treatment Design
  • Digital & Film Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Editing short & feature projects

Ars Inveniendi: [latin] the art of invention

This concept created by Raymond Lully (13th centruy) and later taken up in the 17th century by Leibnitz , thinker, philosopher of science and knowledge and inventor of the binary system, foundation of all our current digitalization.

The key to this improvement is precisely the ars inveniendi: the ability to innovate, to create from the practice, to generalize from the concrete experiences real  knowledge to be applied in others fields.

That's the philosophy that A-3i applies in business. A tribute to our rule of constantly aspire to learn and innovate.”



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