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"We all want to know more and, at the same time receive fewer unnecessary information [...] Today you must overlook a lot to get to know something. Paradoxical but true"

Mario Bunge (Information + Evaluation = Knowledge).

Revista Pliegos de Yuste, Nov.2003)


Here you can find links of interest to FM Resources, some of them absolutely external to A-3i.

In this case, obviously they are links to public material of that has been explicitly authorized for linking or citation.

When these materials are external, are not under A-3i responsibility and linking them does not imply any responsibility of A-3i over the content, copyright infringement or published opinion.

Sometimes, the link is complemented with a short description or valuation of the linked content, as a contribution to the citation that starts this page: to choose in a wiser way the information where we invest our time.

A 2020 vision is an impressive work (144 iPaper pages) published by ISS, focused in the long term evolution of the Workplace, and how this future may cause a full FM redefinition of such traditional concept.

We would like to thank Wilhelm Douglas, Head of GCC Knowledge Center at ISS, the kind authorization for the document link.

ISS 2020 vision - An ISS publication

An FM event at Barcelona.

The FM&FS Congress at Barcelona