Fama Systems software solution.

Fama Systems software (please, click in the Fama logo to reach the Fama Systems site for detailed information) is a modular solution that covers practically all the needs of a modern Facility Management implementation.

  • Building and Projects
  • Spaces
  • Maintenance and General Services
  • Sustainability

A group of  transversal shared utilities builds up a coherent solution integrating the different modules. Easy integration with the more common market ERPs solutions and bespoken Management Systems, is a plus.

Within the cross module utilities, a special mention must be done for the Graphical Integration that support the access to the structured information (asset inventory, for instance) from graphic objects as building or plant plots, unifying in this way the different standpoints within the company.

The software technological approach is absolutely corporate and specifically designed to support Web access (three tiers architecture) upon scalability and security basis.

The product is available under use licenses to be installed at customer infrastructures (traditional application mode CapEx oriented) but as well as Software as a Services (SaaS) under pay per use basis (OpEx oriented) easing a fast implantation without onerous licenses investments.

Mobile Apps availability for specific uses (as Maintenance Orders execution) shows the Fama Systems commitment with the technological Information Systems evolution, as well as the friendly graphic user interface that optimizes network resources, besides the solid Oracle Database technology as data repository.

Professional services from FaMa and its partners, offer a long time functional  know-how and experience to adapt the product use to the customer organization, its needs and peculiarities.

FaMa solution supports to the more exigent european normative framework: UNE 15221, standard ANI BOMA Z65.x (2010-2012) ISO 14001 and 50001 (Environment and Energy Efficiency respectively).

The Return of Investment is supported in a radical improvement of the efficiency in FM mature organizations (or outsources adding to their services the added value of some modules) and/or the decrease of the efforts required to an FM implementation in less mature environments.

Fama Systems is the absolute leader in FM software in Spain, considering market presence, customers, number of processed transactions, square meters managed by the systems or whatever other metric. Companies of different size, public and private sectors, local and multinational have trusted in FaMa solutions for FM.

A-3i is an independent company that represents Fama Sytems in some LatAm geographies. and operates as partner for some vertical Spanish markets, as HTT (Hotels, Transportation and Tourism) and a restricted list of other sectors companies.

The services offered by A-3i regarding Facility Management -on top of the commercial relationship with Fama- are Consulting Services around Information Systems and Enterprise and Solution Architecture, including the FM solution matching with the rest of the Information Systems, and Management Model Strategy for IS and FM solutions.