About Facility Management and A-3i


Although Information Systems have become something not prescindible and incorporated to the cost of making business in every market, the Facility Management activities (FM form here onwards) have not enjoyed a full support from the offering of  Software Products covering a global vision and a common technical framework for a right FM management.

Keeping in mind that after personnel costs the Facilities cost is the second cost factor in developed and mid-developed countries,  a right IS solution for FM activities is an excellent opportunity of improvement for any company efficiency.

To have the right IS tools for the consecution of this efficiency is not evident, maybe because FM involves  a lot of activities far from (or just indirectly related to) the Core Business, and the cost is usually unaggregated under different items in the P&L account.

Starting with this opportunity, A-3i has invested and invests in a line of business linking FM and IS. This is the general framework of the agreement with Fama-Systems that covers the Representation and Distribution of Fama Products in some LatAm countries and some Spanish verticals.

The complete information of  these products can be found at Fama Systems website, following the previous link in this page.

This site is not a substitute for the Fama Systems site. It just complement it adding some strategic and operational considerations about FM and IS relationship.

So, all the content of this site is under the responsibility of A-3i