Big Data



"(...) this is not just some niche product for tech-lovers. The impact and difference to people's lives are huge: in so many fields.

Transforming healthcare, using data to develop new drugs, and save lives. Greener cities with fewer traffic jams, and smarter use of public money.

A business boost: like retailers who communicate smarter with customers, for more personalisation, more productivity, a better bottom line. (...)

This can make a difference to people's lives. Wherever you sit in the data ecosystem – never forget that. Never forget that real impact and real potential."

Neelie KROES

Vicepresident of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda

Athens, March 2014


The 4 Vs slogan (Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity) has sticked to the Big Data concept as fast as the accumulation of digital data is growing up.

The 2 Ps (Prediction and Personalization) follow this path, although are by the time being, less evident and popular.


Facing a new Gold Rush around the Big Data and the cluster of new concepts around it, it makes sense to ask about the term that supports the equation (that asterisks in our picture).


And the answer is -as usual facing emerging technologies- that at the early stages (following the Gartner's Hype Cycle concept, at the peak of inflated expectations) of technologies, the must are a strict follow-up and to develop a Plan.

In words of McKinsey (March 2014) "the missing step for most companies is spending the time required to create a simple plan for how data, analytics, frontline tools, and people come together to create business value."

A-3i has invested and steadily invests in Big Data knowledge and its fast evolution follow-up, with a constant sensor in the european initiatives (mainly EU Commission) around it. The main goal is a competitive service offering for assessment on Strategic Big Data Definition at the corporate (private) and institutional (government) level.

A careful alliances policy with specialized companies allow A-3i to complement the strategic definition or Strategic Plan Development with professional services supporting pilot projects, platform definitions and tools selection aligned with the different vertical needs.